Online Workshop: Gentle and Chair Yoga for Arthritis from Head to Toe

Course Description

If you teach to the 50+ population, then you will likely encounter Arthritis. Whether Arthritis is in the shoulders, hands, knees, or feet, it can be very debilitating and painful for our students. This Workshop will focus primarily on Osteoarthritis with a brief discussion of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Starting from head to toe, Sherry steps through the common issues, symptoms and Yoga pose modifications for students with arthritis.

Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT and E-RYT presents this 2-Hour CEU Teacher training workshop entitled Yoga for Arthritis to the Silver Age Yoga teachers at their annual team gathering.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Fundamentals of Arthritis – The focus of this Workshop is primarily on Osteoarthritis and where it occurs in the body. We will address the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Osteoarthritis.
  • Exploring Osteoarthritis in the Body – Osteoarthritis occurs frequently in specific joints of the body. As we age, these joints can become compromised and damaged. Understanding how each joint is affected will help us understand the Yoga remedies and movements we can do to keep arthritis at bay and to improve the mobility of the joint.
  • Gentle and Chair Yoga Practice and Poses for Osteoarthritis – Sherry shares a wealth of creative Yoga poses and sequences that she has gathered from many Yoga Teachers, students, bodyworkers and other holistic healing practitioners. Poses are broken down into the key areas of focus for working with arthritis: strengthening, mobility, dexterity, range of motion and alignment.

Course Materials:

  • 24 page “follow along” hand-out with a large selection of Chair Yoga and Gentle Yoga mat poses to add to your class repertoire

What you will Learn:

  • What parts of the body are often affected by osteoarthritis
  • What movements should be encouraged for each anatomical area that has osteoarthritis
  • How Yoga can ward away and/or improve osteoarthritis
  • How to weave in sequences into your Yoga classes to help your students with these issues

Course Outline

Module 1 Yoga for Arthritis CEU Workshop
Unit 1 Course Hand-out: Yoga for Arthritis  
Unit 2 Video: Workshop: Yoga for Arthritis (2 Hr)  
Unit 3 Video: An Osteoarthritis Discussion with Yoga Therapists, Sherry Zak Morris and Justine Shelton  
Module 2 Module 2 - BONUS Material: 1 Hr Chair Yoga Class for Osteoarthritis Relief with Justine Shelton, E-RYT500
Unit 1 Video Library: Classes for Osteoarthritis  

Preview: Gentle and Chair Yoga for Arthritis from Head to Toe with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

Sherry Zak Morris, Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, C-IAYT and E-RYT500 presented this 2-Hour CEU Teacher training workshop entitled Yoga for Arthritis to the Silver Age Yoga teachers (SAYCO) at their annual team gathering. Now you too can earn CEUs by taking this online course. Feel empowered to teach Yoga and modify traditional poses to accomodate students with Arthritis.

Chair Yoga Deep Dive Workshop Series for Seniors

This Yoga for Arthritis from Head to Toe Workshop is part of the Chair Yoga Deep Dive Workshop series which is great for expanding your knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching to Seniors with limited mobility.  You will understand what is going awry in the body in terms of alignment, posture and osteoarthritis repercussions so that you can teach to each student in the room.


This workshop has greatly enhanced my knowledge on the correct steps to deal with arthritis issues and in each of my classes seniors have issues with knees, fingers and hands being the most common and I have thankfully seen the exercises bring long term benefits to the Seniors through the various exercises I’ve learned in the two on-line courses.

John Conroy

Academy Certified Chair, Gentle and Corporate Yoga Teacher

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing talk you gave on osteoarthritis yesterday for SAYCO. You are a fantastic teacher! Everyone in the room was engaged. I can see why so many of the SAYCO teachers were thrilled to have you provide the CEU workshop; you are such a great speaker. You gave us solid content, made it personal, and made it fun. You are an absolute inspiration!

Joanne Stark

Former Chairman, Silver Age Yoga (SAYCO)