Online Workshop: Lumbar Disc Damage and Other Spinal Conditions

Course Description

Lumbar Disc Damage (LDD) is a broad term that can incorporate bulging discs, herniated discs, Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) and thinning of the discs, among others! It is important to know that sometimes people don’t understand their condition, so it is important that we, as Yoga Teachers, do!
This indepth Workshop will explore the following spinal conditions we might see in our student population. Modified asanas and precautions for each condition are discussed with video vignettes to reinforce important concepts.

After this workshop you’ll understand how Yoga can help and support these conditions:

  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Central Stenosis
  • Foraminal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Anterolisthesis
  • Posterolisthesis Retrolisthesis
  • Laminectomy
  • Spinal Fusions
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • and others…

Course Outline

Module 1 Handout: Gentle Yoga for Lumbar Disc Damage and other Spinal Conditions
Unit 1 Handout: Gentle Yoga for Lumbar Disc Damage and other Spinal Conditions  
Module 2 Video: Lumbar Disc Damage and Other Spinal Conditions
Unit 1 Video: Deep Dive into Lumbar Disc Damage  
Unit 2 Video: Deep Dive into other Spinal Conditions  
Module 3 Asana Practice
Unit 1 Lumbar Disc Damage - Asana Practice  
Module 4 Quiz: Lumbar Disc Damage and other Spinal Conditions
Unit 1 Quiz: Lumbar Disc Damage and other Spinal Conditions  

More Information

Sneak Preview

Half Lord of the Fishes pose (Matsyendrasana) energizes the spine and stimulates the digestive fire. This Yoga pose can be done sitting in a chair or on a mat and is quite a common pose in most Yoga classes. But for people with low back pain and/or lumbar disc damage… this pose can aggravate more than benefit. Certified Viniyoga Therapist, Justine Shelton, shares an alternative seated twist that brings you just as much benefit with much more comfort.

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Consider the Gentle Yoga for Low Back Specialty Certification

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This Workshop is part of the Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care: Specialty  ProgramYou can enroll in each course separately or in the entire Low Back Certification Course. Each individual course will apply towards this Certification whether taken ala carte or through the full program.


You know that the only reason why “I got it”, is because your videos and handouts are exceptional and that I viewed your materials at least 3 times. In some cases, I used your videos for my personal practice and then taught your sequence to my students as a way of reinforcing what I learned from you. My students love your teachings and keep coming for more.

Karen Langevin

Academy Certified Chair, Gentle and Low Back Care Yoga Teacher

I just wanted to let you know I am finishing up my first Happy Back workshop class. It was seven weeks of back education and exercises specific to each persons condition. I start my next one on Oct. 31st and it’s full! I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to do your course. It has given me new passion for my yoga teaching.

Pam Chin

Academy Certified Low Back Care Yoga Teacher

This Low Back Care Foundations Course is the harbor cruise, providing a high level understanding of types of back pain, causes, contraindications and recommended yoga poses and modifications. As a graduate of the Low Back Care Certification Program, I found that it builds on this Foundations Course as it goes into even more detail and prepares the student to create class plans whether 1:1 or teaching groups.

Dawn Deratany

Academy Certified Low Back Care Yoga Teacher

Taking this class has given me a lot more confidence in my teaching. One other reason I took your course was to learn more about how to take care of myself. I am 63 (closer to 64) and have S-curve scoliosis that often gives me pain at L4-L5. Of course there are arthritic changes, too, and thinning discs. I thought it was great that your course offered a holistic approach and discussed anti-inflammatory supplements and topicals. Thank you again for everything. I really learned a lot, and I feel like I gained a friend.

Susan High

Academy Certified Low Back Care Yoga Teacher