Pure Yoga or is it okay to Blend Disciplines

Why don’t we enforce or endorse a specific “brand” of Yoga teaching? It’s because every Yoga Teacher brings their life experiences, passion projects and natural gifts and talents to their teachings. How can you clone that? The Academy Team of teachers have different approaches and expertise. By sharing our work via videos and workshops, we hope to educate and inspire YOU to create a unique and specific niche for YOUR Yoga teaching that will serve YOUR students.

Every single one of us has had a “Life before Yoga”. Your individual life path is leading you to your dharma and it will never look like anyone else’s! What you learn along your path and the teachers you choose to learn from will enrich you. We hope we are part of that enrichment process!

The Blending of Disciplines
Erhard’s approach to movement is based on many disciplines. He incorporates Yoga, Pilates, Somatics, Tai Chi, Thai Yoga Massage, sports physiology and more into his creative movement sequences. Did you know he worked with the Navy Seals to keep their athletic bodies in optimal and flexible condition? Seeing him work with a student is magic in motion. And that’s exactly what {Sherry} saw filming this segment.

Net/net…what Erhard teaches is self-empowerment! When his students “feels” his hands-on work, they can transfer that knowledge to specific movement sequences they can do on their own. And he sends them home with Homework! When watching his work and listening to his teacher/student dialog, we can learn some of these same concepts and add them into our teachings.