Class Name and Description for a Mat/Chair Classes

Class Name and Description for a Mat/Chair Classes

I teach several chair yoga classes a week, two at the same senior center. I just received the opportunity to start a new class there, still using a chair but more like a regular yoga class but with the chair. I am looking for advice for a class name, maybe adaptive yoga? And also ideas for a brief description so that people understand what it entails. Thank you

Answer from Sherry

Hi! We have this type of class at the studio and we used to call it Adaptive Yoga, but now call it Mat/Chair Yoga. Reason being is that we found more of the Chair Yoga students willing to try this hybrid class out when it had the title of “Chair” in the class name.  We wanted to include both groups of students (mat and chair) and help them feel comfortable with using either for their Yoga class. Here is the description we use for this class.


People of all ages may be dealing with some form of physically-debilitating conditions, arthritis or other types of joint pain and/or physical weakness. This Yoga class is designed for those students living with such symptoms. Learning how to strengthen and stretch muscles surrounding sore and stiff joints can promote improved comfort and stability. Working with breath and mindfulness brings to life our Yoga spirit. Modifications are taught for all poses with the goal of giving the student a true personal practice. Students are welcome to use a chair and/or Yoga mat with modifications being offered for each. GENTLE/OPEN LEVELS

Why Movement Helps

A regular yoga practice can increase muscle strength and endurance, proprioception, and balance, and the emphasis on mindful movement through a full range of motion can be particularly beneficial for arthritis sufferers. Additional beneficial elements of yoga include breathing, relaxation, body awareness, and meditation, which can reduce stress and anxiety and promote a sense of calmness, general well-being, and improved quality of life.