Exercise Suggestions for Arthritis in hands?

Exercise Suggestions for Arthritis in hands?

Could you share any insight or support that has given relieve and/or improvement for individuals with arthritis in hands?

Answer from Justine

  • Any ‘-itis’ in the body is heat…so, first and foremost, cooling that inflammation is key. Sitali inhale is wonderful for that (inhaling through a rolled tongue or like you are sipping through a straw) – it is systemically cooling for the body.
  • Garshana and Abhyanga – the body brushing and oiling – when you oil the hands try to rub the fingers like you are ‘milking’ them, if that makes sense. (See handout button below)
  • MELT classes or some kind of other myofascial release practice – even gently rolling your hands and forearms on a tennis ball to release the fascia, which can elongate the joints when that compression is released.
  • Gentle movement linked to breath is SO powerful! Be mindful of the alignment of your hands as you do so, and if full extension or full flexion of the joints is painful, just do what feels okay, the range of motion will increase over time. See the below video.
  • As much as the body can deposit calcium/bone in the bones and joints, it can also take it away – I am a strong believer that that body can work in the direction of positive change….we just need to encourage and help it!
  • Be mindful of weight bearing on the hands……spread fingers wide, press through base knuckles of the hands as well as the finger tips to spread the weight evenly throughout the hand.
I hope some of this helps!! You might even look into supplements such as boswellia (the frankincense plant), SAMe or turmeric – all are good for the joints!

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