Pose Option Sciatica for People who Cannot Do Seated Pigeon

Pose Option Sciatica for People who Cannot Do Seated Pigeon


I need suggestions for poses addressing sciatica for seniors who cannot get down on the floor and who cannot cross their legs. Figure 4 Pose is not an option AND they require walkers.

Answer from Justine

Melanie gives some great options in the video below!

One thing they could do, to get the piriformis to fire, is stand on both feet – hold on to walker, chair or wall for balance – bring the weight more into one foot. With the other foot, on exhale externally rotate the hip turning the toes outward, inhale return to neutral. Repeat several times to increase circulation to piriformis. Do on both sides. Sit back down in chair, lift one knee up toward chest (or set sole of foot on block) and move knee toward midline of body to gently lengthen piriformis. Then practice Melanie’s option with the side of the foot on a block and external rotation of hip.

Each person will be a little different. Exploration is key, guiding them verbally to go inside and notice any sensation of stretch. For some, lifting the knee in toward chest will give them a nice stretch to the piriformis. If they have a constant ache, and these moves don’t seem to work or help, have them sit in the chair, feet directly under knees – then have them repetitively ‘clench’ their butt cheeks (have fun with the cuing!!) This sounds weird, but it is amazing how it can ‘wake up’ the bottom and increase circulation to the whole hip/buttock area.

Answer from Melanie

Check out the options that Melanie Starr, Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher, came up with!