Seriously? It worked! Working with your Weakest Link

It’s your weakest link that speaks to you first when you are tired, rundown or getting sick. It’s that part of your body that maybe had a previous injury, surgery, or is just not quite 100%. You might feel it ache, get tight or tense, or even give way when you are feeling a bit worn down.  For me it is my neck, and for husband it is his SI Joint (Sacroilliac Joint).

My husband recently texted me with a message that said “I threw out my back!”  I knew immediately what that meant. His SI Joint got tweaked, probably from all that weekend yardwork he was doing. So I had him lie down on his stomach with his shirt up so that I could put my thumbs into the dimples of his SI Joint.  What I saw was no surprise.  His right dimple was about a half inch or so higher than the other dimple, which meant his SI Joint got shifted and of course his back muscles started seizing in retaliation.

SI Joint dimples
I had him do this pose by Erhard Rohrmuller on the side that had the lifted dimple (right side) and wah-la… the dimples got back into alignment.  He said he felt instant release.  I said ….. “Seriously?  It really worked??”

Not sure why I was so amazed, but I was. I used to massage his back and stretch his legs when he got this SI Joint twinge, but this time I tried a new approach.  He quipped back “I could have just taken a Percocet to numb it like most people do!”

I shared this story with my Chair Yoga students this week and had them all locate their SI Joint dimples on their back so they knew where they were. And I had them do Ehrard’s pose in the Chair. Anatomy knowledge is power over pain!