Sharing Yoga at a Better Breathers Club at a Local Hospital

Stepping up and stepping out into our local communities gives Yoga a louder voice. If you find yourself stuck in a teaching rut at studios and gyms – consider spreading your wings! Here’s Justine Shelton, Co-Director of the Yoga Vista Studio, presenting to the Better Breathers Club at our local hospital. She talked about Yoga to a very skeptical crowd! But with her humor and engaging style, she got them moving, bending and feeling better! By the end, she had them stomping the “Foot Stomp” and having a good time!

Better Breathers meet at Hospitals and have chapters all over the country! What are the odds you think these people would say something positive about Yoga after their experience with Justine? Well, they liked it enough to ask us back! Now, THEY are Ambassadors for Yoga too!