SI Joint Test: Does Compression or Traction Feel Better?

When did “SI Joint” become such a household phrase? Maybe it is because people are becoming more in-tuned with their low back pain and want to zero in on the source. Or maybe there are more diagnostics that identify an SI joint issue….or maybe there are more educated Yoga Teachers that are helping students identify healthy and unhealthy movement patterns to better support SI Joint health and stability.  No matter the reason, the SI Joint is now a place of interest in resolving chronic low back pain.

If a student complains of pain in their low back right about where those two dimples are … give them these two pose options and ask them which ones feels better.

SI Joint Traction vs. Compression

I’ve been offering up these two choices in my Gentle Yoga mat classes recently and am surprised that the pose choice is a 50/50 split! What that tells us is that we need to educate more, and have more pose modifications for those with SI Joint issues.  Justine to the rescue!!!!