Students and Teachers: How they Come and Go

I read an interesting article about the importance of Community to support our health. One of the suggestions was to find a Yoga studio or Yoga gathering… because love, joy and spiritual nourishment often reside there. I will say firsthand I know that to be true. As the 11+ yr owner of the Yoga Vista Studio, the Yoga teacher and student community is a special one.

But, with all things in life, changes happen. Teachers and students come and go. It’s the revolving door of life. I lost two students this month… one in a sad way and one in a happy way. 94-yr old Christian was always in the front row in my Chair Yoga class. Maybe because he couldn’t hear or see so well. But actually, I think it’s because he liked being in the place of action. As in … lights, camera, action! when we were filming our classes! He will no longer be in the front row. He quietly left us in his sleep a few weeks ago. He was married 63 years…

70+ yr old Jan has been attending my Chair Yoga classes at the studio and library for years!  Where the heck did she go? I ran into her at the grocery store and asked her that question. “Oh…I’m going 3 times a week now, but I’m going to the Mat/Chair Class” she said beaming. Our Mat/Chair class is a “step-up” from our Chair Yoga classes.  I was sad to lose her from my class, but so happy to see her glowing with confidence and pride.

Life evolves, people come and go… treasure the moments you are teaching Yoga as it is a conduit for your joy, love and compassion out into the world.

Sherry and Justine