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Anna Wagner

Anna Wagner

Mt Wolf, Pennsylvania
United States

I joined the army to see the world. Got stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland assigned to work with Civilian Engineers assigned to NASA. Never got further than 50 miles from home. Retired from Department of Environmental Protection in 2003 (Section chief of Technical Support and Internal/external Web). Event Videographer several years; Worked as a Certified Silver Sneakers Classic, Cardio, and Yoga Instructor for 4 years (up to 7 classes a week). Currently volunteering at Northeastern Senior Center and the Delaware Boys and Girls Club teaching Gentle Chair Yoga. 2018 Elected to the Mount Wolf Borough Council. Greatest achievement: Married my “One and only” (died in 2011 of cancer); and my 3 wonderful children.

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    Chair/Senior Yoga CertificationChair Yoga Dance  CertificationGentle Yoga Certification

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