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Joan McCullough

Joan McCullough

Riverside, California
United States

Joan’s yoga students span a wide range of fitness levels, capabilities, limitations, and age. Whether teaching in a private or class setting at a studio, college, senior center or medical clinic, she has a heartfelt way of facilitating a calming of the mind, as well as the well-being of the body. She helps you to meet your body where it is at through use of props, pose modifications, and by encouraging you to honor your own personal inner cues. When she is not teaching, you may find her reading, hiking, meditating, playing her singing bowls, or assisting clients in the capacity of spiritual life coach and energy practitioner.

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Other Credentials:

YBYT Yoga Teacher (350 hours)

YVA Credentials

    Chair/Senior Yoga CertificationGentle Yoga Certification

Mentor Teacher

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  • Academy Graduate