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Sarah Frost

Sarah Frost

Long Ashton, Somerset
United Kingdom

I have work colleagues, clients I work with and friends who are wheelchair users – in fact Nina was one of our bridesmaids so our friendship goes back a long way! I am also a Yoga Teacher and love the physical and emotional benefits that practising Yoga brings. I would like to help create opportunities for wheelchair users to be able to participate and benefit from yoga in a way that works well for them.  I graduated in 1987 and worked  as a physiotherapist (physical therapist); including working in spinal injuries units in different countries, before joining a UK organisation called Motivation in 1996. Motivation works in partnership to provide the right kind of wheelchair in the right way, to people in developing countries around the world. Nina and I met and worked together at Motivation and I saw first hand the impact of peer to peer shared experience and the difference that it made to people’s lives. I would like to bring together my physio, wheelchair and yoga experience and apply it to the Yoga Vista Academy Wheelchair Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Program.

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Other Credentials:

  • Collaborator for the Yoga Vista Academy Wheelchair Yoga Training and Certification Program
  • Physiotherapist
  • Yoga Teacher

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