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Tami Malin

Tami Malin

Webster, New York
United States

During College, I spent a summer as a PT aide.  After graduating and finding employment in the computer industry in the early 80’s, I decided to add community work to my life.  I became educated/certified  and volunteered for 5 years as an EMT. I also pursued my interest for Karate and studied for 4 years obtaining my Brown belt.  I unfortunately injured my knee sparring and was not able to take my Black belt test.  Then came the years of raising kids and being a primary care giver for many family members.  I am the daughter of a doctor and nurse so I have been around medicine most of my life.  I most recently cared for a family member who suffered a stroke and I was the main advocate/care giver for 5 years. I share this as I had hoped that my background and where I am in my journey in life would be a good pre-cursor to taking this program and bringing it into the community.

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