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Uma Raju

Uma Raju

West Bloomfield Township, Michigan
United States

My journey of Yoga started 10 years back when began to attend Yoga classes to overcome stress and anxiety I was going through in my life which led me to develop interest in exploring about Yoga Teacher Training.  I was particular in staying in an Ashram close to my hometown in India to do Teacher Training.  I had no intention to teach Yoga after Certification. I did my 200 hour Teacher Training at Sivananda Ashram, Madurai, India My occasional teaching of Gentle Yoga to 50+ at a Community Center made me explore “Gentle Yoga” Courses.  As I am in m 50’s and experience aches and pains in my joints I feel more connected with my audience teaching Gentle Yoga.  So happy to have found Yoga Vista to complete “Chair and Gentle Yoga”.  Sherry and Justine are great source of energy and enthusiasm.  I am so happy to have found their Course by accident.  The course materials are quality materials with plenty of explanations.  The difficult part of the course for me was reading about Anatomy but I find the simple explanations with pictures helped me to understand them better. I still have to get comfortable using them during my teaching and I am confident it will with practice.  . Apart from Yoga, I work in IT as a “Technical Analyst”, have two lovely kids, cute dog and a caring husband. Thanks Yoga Vista Family.

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