Teaching Ideas outside the Box

I had conversations with six different Yoga teachers this week. From Michigan and Indianapolis, to N. Carolina and Arizona and two fairly local to where I live in California.  All of us are in the age range between 50 and 70. And what amazed me about these individual conversations is that we all are carving our own unique niches in the Yoga teaching world that fit into OUR lifestyles. We are being creative…. inside and outside our boxes!  Here is what we are up to.

  • The Michigan teacher is waning out of teaching at a local studio where everything seems to be going in the heated, vinyasa flow, boot camp direction and finding her 50+ community to teach to in other venues.
  • The Indianapolis teacher just had a foot injury that has her in a foot boot. Her Chair Yoga training is coming in handy in so many ways! As she settles in and heals.. she is working on a Meditation course.
    The N. Carolina teacher is traveling with her husband in a motor home over the summer and wants to bring Chair Yoga to the campsites!
  • The Arizona teacher wants to broaden her knowledge to expand beyond her “Yoga Basics” class and help people with injuries and other physical limitations.
  • The 60-something recent Yoga teacher grad is looking at opening up her own studio so she can quit her day job. (Warning Will Robinson! Ask me why!)
  • The lovely 70-something is looking at downsizing her Yoga classes to spend more time with her recently retired husband who had a health setback.
  • What I saw in just these handful of conversations is a desire to keep healthy as we age, and to help others to be healthy as well.  Many of these Teachers came to Yoga Teaching in “midlife” and discovered a whole new world of service, fun and health.

Here’s to all of us and our own unique boxes!  Love being in this healing world with you because the world needs all of us!