“That’s a pretzel pose!” The Side Saddle

“That’s a pretzel pose!” one of my students called out when I introduced the Side Saddle sequence in my Chair Yoga class.  I knew what she meant! A pretzel pose is the code word for a stereotypical physically challenging pose that we might see on the cover of some popular Yoga Mag. But, it got me thinking about how to offer up more challenging options to those students who want them, while safely supporting those students who don’t.

I learned the following sequence from Kathryn who shared it in her Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training teachback video class.  I loved it! It felt so good! It felt fun! But, I knew some students might have a challenge with it … so I eased into it and offered modifications along the way. I even took some creative liberty (as we hope all Teachers do with our material!) and expanded that pose concept into another pose sequence.

The Side Saddle and More…
In her one hour Chair Yoga Certification Teachback, Kathryn shared some creative sequences that you are bound to love and take into your classes. Taking a wee bit of creative liberty, as all teachers will do, these movements were a great addition to our Chair Yoga class at Yoga Vista. Thank Kathryn!