Traveling the Rural Ireland Countryside to Teach Chair Yoga!

What makes us smile? It’s hearing from Yoga Teachers like yourself who share how much they are learning from our free Teacher resources, our online workshops, certification programs, and our YouTube video vignettes.  I think you know by now that our small team of Academy Yoga Teachers love to share with YOU!  But when we hear back from YOU… it is very, very special! So, thanks for taking the time to reach back to us!

We love to hear how you are serving your communities by offering Yoga classes in churches, community centers, libraries, Yoga studios, mobile home parks, in people’s homes and beyond. We love to hear ideas about how you “Do Your Yoga Business” and create a lifestyle and income that works for you! And we love to share and brag about your successes so that we can all celebrate and inspire each other!

One of our recent Online Chair Yoga Teacher Grads, John Conroy, developed a Chair Yoga program that he can take on the road to the small villages around the West Coast of Ireland. With a passion for Senior health and a dedication to learning, John passed his Online Chair Yoga Training with High Marks! Congrats John! Thanks for serving! You make the world a better place! Here is a Press Release that details his program and its success in improving Senior Health in Ireland!!!

Traveling the Rural Ireland Countryside to Teach Chair Yoga! Thanks John Conroy