We Are Just as Needed as Physical Therapists and Doctors!

We Are Just as Needed as Doctors, Physical Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals

I (Sherry) had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week with my family during my North Carolina visit. In that one week, we celebrated my Mom and Sister’s Birthdays and my parents’ 64th wedding anniversary. “Feeling blessed” are not sufficient enough words to describe how I feel.  We had many meandering and enjoyable conversations together…. but this dialog stood out the most.

Mom – “You girls, make sure you keep on moving and exercising!”
Girls – “Yea Mom… we know! You told us a thousand times!”

Mom – “I learned all these exercises when I went to my Physical Therapy sessions for my neck, back and knee and I do them every day! Now, I don’t need my pain meds any more!”
Girls – “So Mom, what exercises did you learn?”

Mom – “I learned how to bend my knees when I reach down. I learned to stretch my shoulders by clasping my hands behind my back. And I learned to move my head back over my shoulders to help with my neck.  But, the best one of all is this back stretch at the kitchen counter.” (down dog!)

Sherry – “Oh Mom, those are Yoga movements!”

Mom – “No, they are physical therapy exercises!”

Sherry – Smiles! …..and winks.

Call it what you may …. exercises, physical therapy, Yoga … the benefit is in learning the proper way to move!  At 85, my Mom has learned new ways to move that help her feel better. As Yoga Teachers, that is what we do!  We teach people how to move and feel better! We are just as needed to our students as their Doctors or Physical Therapists!