When Pondering a Hip Replacement

I share what is happening in my Yoga life with all of you so that we can learn together! And what I learn, I know others could benefit from that knowledge as well. We all grow smarter together when we share!

So, I spent 12 days with my parents (now 87 and 88) in Ohio over the Thanksgiving holiday. I stayed that long because I wanted to go to my Dad’s orthopedic doctor’s appointment where they discussed a hip replacement. Now, that subject is right up my alley… and the fact that this is MY Dad that we are talking about – I was all ears!

Having a hip replacement surgery at the age of 88 is something that is not a no-brainer. But, it surely can be successful and effective. My dad had both knees replaced at the same time when he was 62. So, he is not a newbie to these types of issues. But, he is 26 years older.


What did the Orthopedic Doctor say? I thought you might like to know.

The Doc said verbatim… “He needs to increase his life force energy before the operation.”

“What? Say that again? Life force? What about the need to strengthen his quad and glute muscles?”…. said I.

“This operation will require his deep reserves of energy to rebound back. Thus I want him doing pool therapy for 40 minutes, 4 times a week”, said the Doc.

“Oh, I get it. You need him to increase his cardiovascular strength and physical stamina. What about pre-op exercises?” I asked.

“Yes, here is the sheet. Have him do these daily!” concluded the Doc.

“Wait! Those look like Yoga exercises! I recognize the butt lift for sure!”, I said in closing.

Stay Tuned for more on this real-life journey….