When You Sub a Class and Have No Idea what to Expect

I subbed a class yesterday!

I got an urgent request to sub an Adaptive Yoga class at our local library and I said “sure”. I had no clue what the class was, or who attended, etc, etc. I showed up early for a 10 am start time. As I sat in a chair on the elevated stage… time was ticking. It was now 10:10 am and no one was there.

“Hmmmm, I wondered. Maybe they know there is a sub and thus no one showed.”

In walks an elderly Asian couple. The husband had a knee brace on and I remembered the wife from a previous Chair Yoga class and knew she did not speak English. So, they both sat down and looked at me.

“Well, I guess this is my class.” So I began around 10:15 am and led them through some movements without saying too much, knowing they did not understand much.

At 10:30 am…. groups of 8-10 young people came tromping in. Then another group of 8-10, and then another. The room was packed with around 30 young people who were mildly to moderately mentally and physically challenged.

“Oh… so THIS is my class!”

Within 15 minutes, we were all laughing, dancing, moving and swaying and we had a blast. I offered up my typical go-to sequences like Cactus opposites, Rainbow, Clear the Table, Cat/Cow and of course the Justin Timberlake Chair Yoga Dance. At the end, we all hugged and off they went on to their next field trip adventure.

BTW… the Asian couple stayed and had a blast along with the youngsters.

That was my day yesterday! It was a great pick-me-up after the day before being wrapped up in Hospice details.

Yoga is a wonderful respite from every day life. But TEACHING Yoga is the icing on the cake and makes life oh-so much sweeter!

Blessings to you all!