Why Core Strengthening Helps with Organ Prolapse as we Age

“My doctor says I don’t need surgery any longer!”  Those words came from one of my 70-something year old Chair Yoga students recently.  She was beaming from ear to ear.  Guess what the proposed surgery was?….. prolapse repair. Shhhh… most people don’t want to talk about this issue, but I am hearing more often these days that this surgery is being recommended to help keep the pelvic organs in place.

I asked her why she no longer needed this surgery and she said it is because of the core strengthening poses we do in our Chair Yoga class.  Her doctor was surprised that she could get that much improvement from Yoga, but he was convinced it helped ward off that needed surgery.  And guess what… she is beaming!  She feels so much better knowing that if she continues with these strengthening sequences she can avoid surgery.
This particular issue is near and dear to my heart as I have seen people closest to me deal with this dilemma of surgery or not. If Yoga can help delay or permanently negate the need for this repair job…. let’s give it a try!

I so want to educate us Yoga Teachers on this condition that I sought out a presenter to cover this topic in our upcoming October CEU Weekend Workshop.  Viki Boyko, Academy-certified Chair Yoga Teacher, will take us on a deep dive of this topic. Join us in October!


Core Strengthening!

Shhhh… organ prolapse is not a topic you talk about at a cocktail party, but it IS a topic of interest and sometimes concern to the 50+ demographic. Gravity, childbirth, overweight, incorrect posture and/or lack of exercise can all contribute to this condition where the organs slip downward creating discomfort and inconvenience.

There is no time like the present to strengthen the muscles that help to support our organs.