Why Teach Yoga at Senior Care Facilities

The courageous and the lonely. That is what I see in the beautiful people at the various Senior Care facilities where I teach Chair Yoga. Almost all of them are in wheelchairs with some kind of physical or mental limitation. I would say half are stroke survivors and the others have age-related conditions. Unfortunately, I see alot of Fall victims with broken bones… those are the ones that come and go. But for most of them – that is where they will be until the end.

I’ve gotten to know and love the various clans in each facility. We have a former professional dancer, a Nurse, a Boston cabby, a Holocaust survivor, a stoic businessman, a military amputee and of course the elderly grandmas. All of them with a full life story behind them.

I am honored to bring them love, attention, compassion and a keen interest in each and every one of them. I remember all their names, I openly engage them when I teach… praising them for their efforts and allowing them to just sit and watch if that is what they choose. I know they are lonely, and I know many are sad. And that is why I am there – to bring Joy to a few of their present moments.

If your heart strings pull reading this… then perhaps you are being called to serve this growing population. Many, many senior care facilities are bringing in Chair Yoga for their residents. The demand just keeps increasing. Think about it…..



Teaching Yoga at Senior Care Facilities with Sherry Zak Morris

Sherry has been teaching in various Senior Care facilities in her community for many years. She candidly shares her mistakes, assumptions and creative approaches to bringing Yoga into these special student populations. From Memory care, to board-and-care, to step-up living environments, learn how Chair Yoga can be modified and adjusted to include everyone!

This workshop will address… find out more!

From an Academy-Certified Chair and Gentle Yoga Graduate….

“I am so grateful to you for all your support. Coming from a career in education I know that your course presentation and organization was a perfect way to learn all that material.

I most appreciate access to the video library and use it often. I am now teaching chair in an assisted living community and a gentle class at a studio.
One more thing……..You were SO RIGHT about the nursing home population. Everything you said was true-EVERYTHING. I absolutely love going there!!!!”