Why Yoga Teachers Care

Lorna is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Probably in her mid 80’s by now. Her skin glows and she says her blushed cheeks and pink lips are all natural gifts. I had not seen her for a few months at my regular Assisted Living Chair Yoga class.  I  missed her.  So, when she was there yesterday in a pretty pink outfit and matching lap blanket, I asked where she had been. “I had my leg removed”, she said.

I stopped in my tracks. I could almost feel the tears welling up.  She looked at me and said “It’s okay”. She was comforting ME! At that moment I realized that we most often cannot help, fix or change our student’s situations. All we can do is give unconditional love, joy and care.

We care because we know that it could be us. We care because we feel the depth of the human journey. And we care as we wonder if we could be that strong and courageous. I looked into her beautiful eyes and said “We do the best we can , don’t we?” She squeezed my hand ….”yes we do”.
As I taught that Chair Yoga class something deep within me told me to keep caring even when it is sad. One soul touches another. That’s what we do as Yoga Teachers!

Sherry and Justine