How To Train Your Observation Skills

One of the final course assignments in our Online Chair Yoga Certification Program is to go out into the community and observe people’s postures and come up with beneficial Yoga asanas. This observation practice brings together 3 necessary skills needed for a Yoga Teacher: observation abilities, anatomy knowledge and asana correlation.  It is like the “Match Game” where you first discern the body areas that need attention/correction and then match up the Yoga asanas that could help.

This knowledge came into play this week when I made a home visit to an 89 and 86-year old couple who wanted private Chair Yoga classes in their home. I asked them both to stand up and I did my Posture Observation. I could tell so much from how they got out of the chair, how they stood and how they walked that I was already forming a Chair Yoga practice in my head that would benefit them.

All of us can easily learn this valid skill. It will come into play whether you teach group or private classes, chair or mat classes, or just want to help out a friend or family member feel better in their bodies. I never learned this skill in any of my formal Yoga TeacherTrainings and that is why I created the “Posture Project” Online Course to teach you how to observe, assess and help correct postural issues in the 50+ population.

The Posture Project is based on my posture analysis of over 75 of my Chair Yoga Students over an 8-month period. There are lots of detailed posture photos, anatomy and corrective Yoga asanas. You’re Yoga teaching will never be the same after this course!