Chair Yoga Essentials: Online Workshop Series

Course Description

Chair Yoga Essentials: Online Workshop Series will cover 3 important areas of teaching Chair Yoga to Seniors and people with physical limitations. Earn 10 Contact Hour CEUs for Yoga Alliance and 5 for IAYT.

Want to deepen your expertise in Chair Yoga? Have you previously taken the comprehensive Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training Course and want to add to your education?

Whether you teach private or group Yoga classes, in Senior Care Facilities and/or on Zoom, this workshop series is great for expanding your knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching to those with limited mobility. You will learn what is going awry in the body in terms of alignment, posture and osteoarthritis, so that you can teach to each student in the room in a creative, safe and effective manner.

This Workshop Series will take you into a deeper dive with lots of supporting material for these Chair Yoga Essentials of teaching Yoga to Seniors and people with physical challenges. You will get a “behind the scenes” perspective of what it is like to teach to this demographic as many of the videos included in these workshops were recorded live with our lovely students.

Get Trained and Certified to Teach Chair Yoga!

The 60-Hour Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program incorporates the body of work from lead teacher, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT (Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy), along with a team of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers who share their passion for Seniors and people with physical limitations. You will see us all on video teaching live classes where we put our teachings and philosophies to practice! Join us!

SAVE $$$ and KEEP LEARNING! Apply the amount you paid for this Workshop Series to the enrollment cost of the full Online Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program! Contact us for more details.


I taught at my first nursing home, and it was very challenging! They could only do a fraction of the movements. I found myself with a one-hour class and 15 minutes worth of material. Made it through okay, but realized I have a lot to learn 🙂 you have a really great program, and I’m continuing to watch your YouTube videos for more info. Thank you for your Compassionate Heart!

Jeanine Faith

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I am a AFAA certified group fitness instructor with YogaFit training. I love all of your fabulous tips, DVDs and Utube productions. They have given me so much very important information to make me a better yoga instructor! I began teaching a chair class 5 years ago because I saw a need to modify for my seniors. It has become the largest growing segment of all the various classes I teach!! I feel so much more confident since watching your youtube classes and DVDs. I just took your “Posture Project” online course and loved it! So many great tools and tips to help me instruct an effective, safe and appropriate chair yoga class.

Jill D.

AFAA Certified Group Instructor

This workshop has greatly enhanced my knowledge on the correct steps to deal with arthritis issues and in each of my classes seniors have issues with knees, fingers and hands being the most common and I have thankfully seen the exercises bring long term benefits to the Seniors through the various exercises I’ve learned in the two on-line courses.

John Conroy

Academy Certified Chair, Gentle and Corporate Yoga Teacher

I am happy to say that because of your course I am able to teach people with confidence at nursing homes, offices, yoga studios and memory care facilities.

Julie Hamilton

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

I enjoyed the Posture Project, feel like I am more aware of the misalignments in the yoga students and just in the general population! I catch myself looking at people everywhere I go with attention to their posture. I loved the idea of the questionnaire and the before and after photos of the students. The Fascia-nation sequence is a fun way to introduce the students to the fascia netting of our bodies.

I am learning so much thru this certification program! So grateful that I found You and Chair Yoga. I love the gentle yoga classes I teach and look forward to teaching Chair Yoga!

Dana Thiele

Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing talk you gave on osteoarthritis yesterday for SAYCO. You are a fantastic teacher! Everyone in the room was engaged. I can see why so many of the SAYCO teachers were thrilled to have you provide the CEU workshop; you are such a great speaker. You gave us solid content, made it personal, and made it fun. You are an absolute inspiration!

Joanne Stark

Former Chairman, Silver Age Yoga (SAYCO), SAYCO