Foot and Leg Cramps when Doing Yoga

Foot and Leg Cramps when Doing Yoga


I had a client get cramps in her feet while doing gentle seniors mat yoga class. I was just wondering if you had any quick remedies should this happen again or what could have caused it. We were doing warrior 2 pose.

How to Relieve Foot and Leg Cramps

Those foot cramps are no fun!! They can stop you in your tracks when they come suddenly while doing Yoga or other types of exercises. Because your student experienced foot cramps in Warrior 2, it may possibly be that the muscles in the arch were stretched too far. This can occur when someone attempts a movement or position that is beyond their normal level of activity. 

Holistic Practice for Foot and Leg Cramps

Generally speaking, make sure your student is drinking enough water, dehydration can cause those cramps. I also suggest people look into using a supplement called ‘Calm’ which is a powder you add water to and it is high in Magnesium – works like a charm! (Make sure to suggest they check with their doctor about adding a supplement.)

A Quick Fix for Foot Cramps

To release a foot muscle that is contracting, sometimes squeezing the foot on the top and the bottom, compressing it so to speak, will help the cramp go away. I also attached a pose to stretch the musculature and connective tissue in the feet, which will also provide relief up into the muscles of the calf. Should work as a quick remedy (won’t be fun!) – and would be a good thing for your student to add as a daily practice to keep the feet limber.

Short Yoga Videos to Relieve Foot and Leg Cramps

Below are a few videos that take you through specific movements you can do to help prevent and relieve pain in your feet from foot cramps, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and other foot-related issues. 

Hope that helps!
Justine Shelton, Certified Yoga Therapist

Got Neuropathy, Cramping or Bunions in your Feet? Try this and Feel Better! with Justine Shelton, C-IAYT

If your feet cramp when you stretch or do exercises, this video is for you! These conditions can affect the way you walk and stand, let alone cause you alot of pain. Yoga Therapist, Justine Shelton, shares a foot stretch sequence that might not seem or look so fun, but it can help with foot and leg cramps. Always remember to take these movements slow and easy. You can benefit more by doing them over the long haul rather than alot at one time.

Yoga Moves for your Feet – Energize your Feet Today with Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

If you have Neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, foot cramping, corns or bunions, swelling, fallen arches or other feet-related conditions, these moves ares for you! Your feet are the foundation of your body and are often taken for granted. Every step you take requires strength, agility and mobility in your feet and legs. In this video, I share some fancy footwork that is both fun and challenging.

Focus on the Feet! – Yoga for Diabetes with Denyse LeFever, Certified Yoga Therapist

Bring awareness to your feet. Elevated blood sugar levels may lead to nerve damage or a slower healing time for wounds in the feet. In this video, Denyse explores some gentle movement to bring awareness to the feet. Elevated blood sugar levels over a period of time, may lead to neuropathy (nerve damage) or a slower healing time for wounds in the feet. Tips for care of the feet are covered to help you maintain balance and note any changes to the feet, that may require consultation with your doctor.

5 Effective Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis with Lulu Peelle, Yoga Therapist

Are the bottoms of your feet burning, achy or tight when you stand or walk? You may be experiencing the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, and you can relieve your pain with this short routine of 5 exercises put together for you by Lulu Peelle,Yoga Therapist and Ayurveda Consultant. These exercises are useful whether you are trying to prevent Plantar Fasciitis, or you are experiencing a flare-up.

Justine Shelton, Certified Yoga Therapist & Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy

Justine is a graduate of the American Viniyoga Institute under the direction of Gary Kraftsow. She is the Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy and author of their ‘Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care specialty certification program. Justine specializes in structural yoga therapy, specifically spinal disc injuries, back pain management, as well as joint therapy – including prehab and rehab for replacements.

Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist

Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist and Co-Founder of the Yoga Vista Academy

Sherry is a Certified Yoga Therapist and has a proven track record for empowering and igniting passion for 50+ Yoga and wellness. A 3-Time Presenter at the annual Yoga Alliance Conference, the professional and trade association of the yoga world, her enthusiasm for serving those with movement limitations gained exposure for her Specialty Teacher Training Programs. Sherry’s work can be found on YouTube and in the Yoga Vista Online Video Library, YogaVista.TV, where she shares her special style of Energizing Yoga that is accessible to everyone!