Foot and Leg Cramps when Doing Yoga

Foot and Leg Cramps when Doing Yoga


I had a client get cramps in her feet while doing gentle seniors mat yoga class. I was just wondering if you had any quick remedies should this happen again or what could have caused it. We were doing warrior 2 pose.

Answer from Justine

Those foot cramps are no fun!! Generally speaking, make sure your student is drinking enough water, dehydration can cause those cramps. I also suggest people look into using a supplement called ‘Calm’ which is a powder you add water to and it is high in Magnesium – works like a charm! (Make sure to suggest they check with their doctor about adding a supplement.) For a quick fix – sometimes you squeezing the foot on the top and the bottom, compressing it so to speak, will help the cramp go away. I also attached a pose to stretch the musculature and connective tissue in the feet, which will also provide relief up into the muscles of the calf. Should work as a quick remedy (won’t be fun!) – and would be a good thing for your student to add as a daily practice to keep the feet limber.

Hope that helps!