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Viki Boyko

Viki Boyko

Stamford, Connecticut
United States

Viki segues the phrase “…it‘s because of yoga that…” to so many important life events and discoveries over the last thirty years. From the forging of friendships; to bringing support in times of pregnancy, illness and bereavement; and to the deep sense of joy that connecting breath, body and spirit bring with each journey on the mat. Viki blends her learning as a core strength vinyasa master trainer with somatics and Franklin method training to bring an anatomy aware, fluid, inner body experience to her teaching.

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Other Credentials:

  • Vinyasa Core Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Vista Academy Mentor Teacher

YVA Credentials

    Chair/Senior Yoga CertificationWheelchair Yoga Certification

YVA Roles

  • Academy Graduate
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Workshop Presenter