Are YOU teaching right now?
Corey Stiles asked 2 years ago

We’re all trying to figure out if/when/where/HOW to teach right now. Are YOU teaching currently? Please share what you’re up to with your teaching. Your story is valuable as it may inspire someone else who hasn’t thought to do what YOU are doing!

Eva Montalvo replied 2 years ago

I have been teaching 5 Zoom group classes and 2 private sessions a week.

Corey Stiles replied 2 years ago

Are you getting paid for these classes?

2 Answers
Maria Staff answered 2 years ago

I just started teaching one Chair Yoga class a week where I used to teach. They pay me a flat rate for me to go there and they share my class with Facebook Live (no students are allowed).

Corey Stiles replied 2 years ago

How much are you getting paid for this class?

Maria Staff replied 2 years ago

I get paid $50 per class. SilverSneakers pays part and the location pays the rest, so that I get a total of $50.

Corey Stiles replied 2 years ago

Oh Maria! That is AWESOME!!! I love that you get your full pay but that the cost of the class is split to make it more affordable for the organization. Thanks for sharing this!

Suzanne Richard replied 2 years ago

I am currently teaching 3 classes per week. One is at the local Y – it is outside and not too strenuous, as it is hot and humid here in East Tennessee. (6:30 pm) The other classes are outside at an Assisted Living facility and inside in the conference room of an independent living facility – chair yoga class. We mask entering and leaving the class, and remove masks once we are seated, which is at least a 6 ft distance apart. I am paid for all of these classes. During late March – June, I recorded Youtube videos for them, and they watched and participated without me there. So nice to be back live with them.

Corey Stiles replied 2 years ago

Hi Suzanne! Wow girl! You are doing awesome work!!! I celebrate YOU!!!! Do you mind if I ask, are you getting paid by the students themselves or by the organizations? Did they recruit you to teach for them or did you already have an agreement with them prior to Covid 19? I think a lot of teachers are trying to figure out how to get their name out there as an available teacher. Any input you may have will surely help someone else. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing with us!!!

Gail Pickens-Barger answered 2 years ago

I teach my regular weekly Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care class online through Zoom.
I have them send me $10 through a link, then I send them both the registration “link” to the Zoom Yoga classroom, and the class ID, and passcode to the class.
I have about 6-10 regulars.  4 of them cannot make class, so I video record the class, and afterwards if there were any resources cited or handouts referenced, I will include the handouts/references in the weekly followup email with the uploaded private youtube class link.  It works well for both the live attendees, and those who cannot make the actual class.
They can additionally practice during the week and ask questions to my email or remind message.
Additionally I teach a Facebook Live class for the Veterans Yoga Project folks, and I save the Facebook live video, and also load up to youtube for specific VYP yoga classes for the folks.  Occasionally the VYP want my videos to put onto their youtube channel too, and they are always listed in the VYP Online Streaming Classes video library.  I get paid with a grant for the VYP community.
I was teaching a weekly chair yoga fitness class for the National MS Society, and I’d send out the videos of the 3 part classes to them weekly.  Part 1 seated chair yoga, Part 2 seated dance fitness, Part 3 standing behind/beside the chair for strengthening/balance work, then guided relaxation and yoga nidra.  Clients could do Parts 1 & 3, for just yoga, or 1, 2 & 3 for a full chair yoga fitness class. Or just part 2, if they needed only a 20-25 minute seated cardio fitness class.
Right now, the funding for this class is gone, so I’m just sending out repeats of previous classes, and once we are back face to face will charge.  

Corey Stiles replied 2 years ago

Gail, thank your for sharing your system with us!!! It sounds like you have a smooth and clear step by step process for both you and your students. I believe that when we share our journey, our systems, our trial and error learning with each other that everyone benefits. I also believe that many people get motivate and inspired to take their own leaps into new (to them) teaching frontiers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Gail Pickens-Barger replied 2 years ago

Thanks! One of my systems is to collect emails and cellphone numbers. I occasionally send out mailchimp newsletters, and I have everyone on a list. I have my lists separated out by MondayYoga class (which is my low back beginners class), and then by ChairYoga class (i.e. my National MS Adaptive Chair Yoga Class).

I will send out weekly reminders for the payment link for Monday’s class through “Remind”, and I send out an actual “email”‘ to the Chair Yoga people of the 2-3 videos that they have to look at during the week.

When I had to pivot all the classes to online, I was just so taking Sherry’s class here on getting your videos online. She helped me a LOT in getting my upstairs studio all nice and de-cluttered. The folks at Veterans Yoga Project also had a specific way in which they wanted their videos, i.e. Facebook Live, so they had great resources in helping me get it down to very specific steps. Combining Zoom and “Unlisted” Youtube Videos for my Monday’s class allowed me to store the Zoom created class videos on Youtube for those who had paid for the class to be able to access the class.

For Facebook Live, there is a technique in which you can download your videos you create on FB, and then you’d upload them to youtube/vimeo, or share on your private facebook groups/pages.

Right now, I have that one class that is no longer being sponsored, so am in a place of “do I continue as is”, “do I request payment for services”, do I stop, or do I take it in another different direction.

Y’all keep on truckin! Gail