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Online Chair Yoga Teacher Certification Program

The Most Comprehensive Chair Yoga Training Program with Deep Dive into the Anatomy of Aging. Learn they whys, hows and whens of teaching Yoga to Seniors and people with physical limitations.

Online Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification Program

A Complete Program to Expand your Knowledge and Skills to Teach Yoga Safe and Effectively. Explore and go deep into many of the health issues, challenges and conditions common to the 50+ population.

Chair Yoga Dance Teacher Certification Program

A Successfully Proven Format of Fun, Creativity and Empowerment for Learning and Choreographing Chair Yoga Dances. A repeatable method for easily learning existing dances, or amazing theory for creating your own.

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Teacher Certification Program

A Deep Dive Approach to Spinal Issues using Yoga Therapy Concepts and Prescriptive Asanas. Immerse yourself in Structural Anatomy of the common conditions found in the Spine and how to modify Yoga appropriately.

Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Certification Program

A Real Life Corporate Approach to Deskworker Yoga Training with an Anatomical Focus. Through a Lunch and Learn format and dozens of sample Gentle & Chair Yoga classes, learn how to bring Yoga into the workplace.

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Living with a Chronic Health Issue

I have joined the ranks of those who live with a chronic health issue. I surely did not see it coming as I truly manage and monitor my health quite closely. I try to follow all the rules for good health, but sometimes things beyond our control come into our lives that...

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Why We Need to Sit Like a Man (SLAM)

By now you know that Justine and I are Anatomy geeks... which means we like to look at bodies, postures, pain and asanas from an anatomical perspective. When this article came by my desk, I had an ah-ha anatomical moment. Read the following excerpt from Dr. Barabra...

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Pet Peeves on Senior Fitness

Kay started coming to my Chair Yoga class with a friend who told her about it. She is a delightful woman in her early to mid 70's. She shared with me that she had a bad fall and ended up being in the hospital for months. One thing after another. Shattered this......

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Karen Langevin

Karen Langevin

Summerside, Prince Edward Island | Canada

I truly appreciate all the teachings from Yoga Vista. You got me hooked on anatomy, chair yoga, vini yoga and soon…somatic yoga. They all compliment each other so well and allow us teachers to quickly adjust a class (getting away from teaching with a script…one-size-fits-all).

Chair Yoga CertifiedGentle Yoga CertifiedLow Back Certified

Karen Wexler

Karen Wexler

Delray Beach, Florida | United States

I LEARNED SO MUCH from this course! Justine beautifully presents high quality information here that is particularly special because it is infused with her own personal experiences with herself as well as her clients. I am truly inspired and cannot wait to get out there and work with and help people with back pain. I have chronic back pain as well so that was my first motivation for taking the course; to use it for myself. It has made me so much more aware and present in my own body and has definitely helped strengthen my core. Often after a course I might still feel not very confident with the material to start using it, but the homework assignments and teachback final really make sure you are ready with at least a good amount of the material. I am sure I will refer back to it over the years and will always find something new and useful. Thank you Justine, for sharing your knowledge, your humor, and your heart!

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Currently Enrolled

I’m a trained yoga teacher with some 18 years experience and now feel that working with older folk is going to be my forte. I honestly don’t know which way to go – if I could afford it I’d do them all! I am so much enjoying the Anatomy of Aging course and truly can say that your work and motivational videos have changed and inspired the way I teach. Despite my two year yoga training and continuing professional development I feel I have gained more from Yoga Vista.