Document Download Library

Document Download Library

Free Yoga Teacher Resources! These documents are shared as resources for Yoga Teachers to create their own marketing, presentation and teaching materials.  Some have nominal fees where we offer you the source files to edit with your own logo, photos and contact information . Most are FREE! Check back often… more are coming!

Flyers and Hand-outs

Most of you know that I (Sherry) owned the Yoga Vista Studio for over 10 years. During that time, I had the opportunity to run so many programs, workshops and lectures. Here are some flyers and hand-out to spark ideas for you! Most of them are in PDF format so cannot be easily edited, but they will give you food for creative thought!

Cool Anatomy Stuff

Are you always on the look-out for Anatomy info that is easy to understand so that you can share it with your students? We are! Here are a few we like!

Anatomy of Aging and Movement – First Chapter FREE!

Are in interested in learning more about how your body ages?  And to help others age well in their bodies?

The Anatomy of Aging & Movement Online Course is a 20-hour online program that includes  a 400-page detailed, illustrated Manual that covers the common issues, conditions and injuries in the 50+ population

FREE Taste Test! Includes 1 Hour of Video Instruction and a 30-page Detailed Handout.

Research Papers

We here at the Academy are always studying and looking for professional and valid studies on aging, movement, exercise and YOGA!  Here are a few of our favorites.